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Mix It Monday - Blueberry Cobbler

Let’s talk about blending fragrance oils!

This is one of my FAVORITE things to do because I get to be creative and make my own blends that are special just to ME! I hear all the time how some of our maker friends have a hard time coming up with their own concoctions so I thought I would help get your brains thinking about blending with FOUR done-for-you blend ideas for this Fall! 
Fragrance oils you’ll need from us to create these blends yourself are:
Blueberry Cobbler
White Cake
Blueberry Pecan Waffles
Cinnamon Spice Cake
Caramel Maple Swirl
So let’s talk about how I came up with these blends! I started with a main component for what I wanted (in this case it was the Blueberry Cobbler) - I have been LOVING this scent and I think it's absolutely a must have! My retail customers are obsessed with it every Fall! 
Next, I came up with some supporting scents that I thought would pair well and enhance the already amazing Blueberry Cobbler (White Cake, Blueberry Pecan Waffles, Cinnamon Spice Cake, Caramel Maple Swirl)! I am sure you can come up with even more different combinations of these fragrances! (If you do- totally email me back and tell me what your favorite is!)
Blend #1: Blueberry Cobbler ( 70%); White Cake ( 20%); Blueberry Pecan Waffles ( 10%)
Blend #2: Blueberry Cobbler ( 60%); White Cake (30%); Cinnamon Spice Cake (20%)
Blend #3: Blueberry Cobbler (70%); White Cake (20%); Caramel Maple Swirl (10%)
Blend #4: Blueberry Cobbler (80%); Caramel Maple Swirl (10%); Cinnamon Spice Cake (10%)