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Key Lime - Fragrance Oil

Midwest Fragrance Company

Key Lime - Fragrance Oil

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Scent Description

Bursting lemons and lime are at the heart of this fragrance with undertones of a bubbly fizz. Reminds me of my favorite soda!

Top notes: Lime, Lemon

Middle notes: Bubbly, Vanilla

Base notes: Sweet Meringue

Alternate Branding Names

Lemon + Lime, Lime Twist

Maximum Usage Rates

Max use in soap: 100.00% ; lotion: 5.71%

Recommended Usage in Wax: 1-1.5oz/lb (please look at your specific wax to see their recommendations and test)

Fragrance Details

Fragrance safe for skin/wax products. 

Phthalate free

Vanillin: 0.05%

Ethyl Vanillin: 0.00%

Flashpoint: 178ºF

Prop 65 Compliant: YES 

Contains Essential Oils: Lime Oil

Oil Color: Colorless to Very Pale Yellow


IFRA Compliance Sheet

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the safety of the finished product containing this fragrance by conducting all necessary tests.

All products are filled by weight not volume. Fill lines may vary.

In-house tested in 100% soy wax, further testing required for your own product line.

Avoid direct contact with skin.

Disclaimer: The maximum usage rates listed are the ABSOLUTE maximum allowed % to be in compliance with IFRA standards. These are not suggested usage rates to be used in your products. Typical usage rates are much lower than these values. It is up to you to determine how much % will be needed for your specific product through your own testing process. 

100% Cruelty-Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Smells Amazing!

Love this scent! Smells exactly like key lime. The CT is excellent. I'm still waiting for the candle to cure so I can't speak for HT, but I have high hopes!


When I say strong, I mean it! It is so bright, and bubbly, and the vanilla makes it super delicious. Easily my favorite fruity scent.


A crisp and fizzy lime that tickles your cute little nose!

Stephen Burns

This is professional grade lime, here. I mix it with another FO and it is my strongest scent. I've had nothing but compliments on it. It's a summertime at the pool FO, drink in hand.

Debra Leroy
Key Lime

Okay, I know I have not giving a lot of reviews like I should , but every fragrance I use never ever disappoints!!!! I made some amazing Salt Spa Bars and this fragrance I really adore! it is not real strong , but it just has a way of putting itself out there enough to be such a soft wonderful fragrance. What I Love about this company is they pay attention to their customer's needs! What is a bonus is they use their own fragrances that they sell! And they are selling what works! I really Love this company! some Company's I use have never used or tried a lot of their fragrances or even tested them so to me that would be a hard sell for
them! Sp it is wonderful that they believe in what they sell! Wonderful Company and Wonderful Products!