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Liquid Wax Dye

Introducing our liquid wax dyes! Easy to measure dyes are formulated from 100% sustainable and natural solvents, offer high solubility for premium, vibrant colors and are toxin-free. When purchasing this product, you will get 1 oz of dye in a glass vial with a dropper of the color of your selection! 

Key Benefits

 - Click here to view SDS (coming soon)

 - Highly soluble in wax products for hassle-free mixing and blending

 - Virtually free of insoluble matter and dust-free

 - Made with natural solvents

 - Concentrated formula for maximum vibrancy and longevity

 - GHS Compliant

 - REACH Compliant

 - Toxin-free, Mutagen-free, Phthalate-free

 - California Prop 65 compliant 

 - Eco/Sustainable-friendly

 - Vegan-friendly

Instructions for use

 - Shake gently before each use

 - For lighter shades: 1-3 drops/lb

 - For darker shades: 4-6+ drops/lb


MAKER'S NOTENatural wax choices like soy will naturally have a more pastel or "fluffy" color palette, whereas  paraffin based wax will result in a more vibrant or "deep" color palette. The recommendations listed above are a guideline and we highly encourage fully testing each color to achieve your desired result. 

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